Chalk T-Shirts


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Chalk-A-Tee Classic White Kids (Unisex)

Each pack comprises t-shirts, instructions, a pack of coloured crayons/chalks and a ton of fun.

Beautiful, quality white t-shirts are ready for your creativity. Made to last with a chalk board added, these t-shirts are a wonderful gift for both kids and adults alike.
Write or draw whatever you want. Have fun. Then wash the t-shirt and do it all again.

CHALKapella Chalk-A-Tee is a fun outlet for individual expression as well as a group activity at events and parties. Unleash your inner creativity and start doodling today! Chalk-A-Tee is a new invention created with the concept where everyone can have fun doodling artwork on the black surface of the tee. Wear them out proud, without any worries of smudging or staining, thanks to our smudge-proof chalk!

Feel like changing it up? Simply wash the tee and it will turn back into a plain black canvas again, ready for your next masterpiece. Doodle, wear & wash as many times as you wish!

They are safe, as are the special crayons used for drawing and writing on the t-shirts.


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